Keloid Scars

After an injury, burn or any other kind of trauma to your skin, it may end up leaving a scar. In some cases, additional scar tissue may grow beyond the site of injury. “Keloid scars” are formed when your healing process is inappropriately overactive.

Keloids don’t necessarily pose any danger to your health, but they can be a cosmetic concern and can be irritating, painful, and itchy. Depending on your specific case, Dr. Fakheri may recommend a number of non-surgical treatments to improve the keloidal scarring.

Causes of keloid scarring

Keloids are benign growths that result from the overproduction of new tissue during the healing process, leading to an excess of fibrous protein and collagen. Different kinds of skin injuries can lead to keloid scarring, including minor scratches, acne, chickenpox, burns, vaccination sites, earlobe piercing, and cuts from trauma or surgery.

Other risk factors of keloid scarring include:

  • Dark skin
  • Family history of keloids
  • Certain areas of the body (i.e. ears, chest, back)

Treatment for keloid scarring
Depending on your specific case, keloids may be treated using one of several non-surgical techniques, including:

  • A series of steroid injections – This is a fast and simple treatment to treat keloids and minimize and reduce its size.
  • Laser treatment – This treatment works by changing the structure of tissue collagen

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