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Radiesse for Hands

Aging causes the skin at the back of your hands to lose its volume and firmness, causing the hands to appear bony and making your veins and joints more visible. Your skin may be more fragile with a very thin, wrinkled texture.

Restore Volume for more Youthful Hands
To get rid of hand wrinkles and improve the appearance of aging hands, Dr. Fakheri recommends RADIESSE – an FDA-approved dermal filler that has been proven to safely and quickly restore lost plumpness in the back of your hands, minimizing the visibility of veins and tendons, and giving you smooth, natural-looking results.

Radiesse injections instantly replenish lost volume in your hands to restore your supple and youthful appearance. The dermal filler is placed beneath the skin in order to add volume, giving you long-lasting, natural results.



How Radiesse Works

Radiesse dermal filler is a safe and effective, non-surgical treatment for replenishing lost skin volume, while helping to smooth wrinkles and scars.

It is made of CaHa (calcium hydroxyapatite) gel microspheres that produce instant results upon injection. CaHa comprises calcium and phosphate ions that occur naturally in the body. The instant results are due to the injectable gel filling in the space and adding volume directly. With time, the CaHa may begin to stimulate skin collagen, causing your skin to produce more filler naturally.

The CaHa creates a structure made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that mimics connective tissue, upon which collagen can build on. This causes new collagen to interweave into the added volume, which makes the change durable while maintaining the soft, natural feel and other properties of the surrounding skin tissue.

radiesse-hands-before radiesse-hands

Is Radiesse right for you?

Radiesse is a versatile contouring dermal filler with long-lasting augmentation properties. It is used in severa areas including the hands, but also the cheeks and chin, common areas where volume is desired. With time, the CaHa absorbs back into the body, leaving the new collagen in its place. As such, the results of Radiesse typically last between 1 and 2 years, though individual results may vary depending on the patient’s skin type, age, muscle activity, and lifestyle.

Please visit Dr. Fakheri in Tarzana, Encino for a personal, free consultation to determine whether Radiesse is right for you.