Hair Loss Treatment

A full head of well-maintained hair gives you a youthful appearance, inspiring confidence and emotional well-being. Conversely, hair loss may have devasting impacts on your life, leading to psychological and emotional distress, and increased risk of anxiety and depression. Fortunately, Dr. Fakheri offers solutions for hair loss that can help both men and women to improve their hair appearance, look good, and feel good.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss is more common in men than in women. For men, hair loss is mostly associated with hereditary androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness.

Male pattern hair loss typically begins when the hairs on the front and top of the scalp begin to thin and gradually disappear over time. The hairs on the side and back of the scalp are considered to be genetically “permanent”, and are not affected by male pattern baldness.

Diffuse hair loss with thinning in women can be caused by several factors, including genetics, iron deficiency, thyroid disease, stress (such as general anesthesia or surgery, pregnancy and childbirth, crash diets and diet deficiencies, or high fever, etc).

Combating hair loss

Most hair or scalp problems can be successfully addressed if tackled in time. Dr. Fakheri will create a personalized treatment plan depending on your specific hair loss problem. Some of the common solutions include:

  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
  • Rogaine (Minoxidil), Propecia (Finasteride), spironolactone (for women)
  • The use of specially formulated shampoos and hair stimulant lotions that redress dormant hair follicles and limited blood flow in the scalp
  • Promote new hair growth by reducing the problem of greasy or oily hair associated with hyperactive sebaceous glands

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